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13.5oz DENIM BAGGY FADE #ICE INDIGO [17041 40545]

13.5oz DENIM BAGGY FADE #ICE INDIGO [17041 40545]

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<2024SS Arrival>

The original 13.5oz denim is white selvedge denim woven on an old power loom.
Authentic denim specifications include hidden rivets, jumpers, and chain stitching.
The fade processing is a meticulous process that is done by hand by craftsmen on each piece.
Due to the processing process, the fabric has some skewing due to its characteristics.
Ice Black uses a new technology that dyes both the warp and weft with black sulfide, reducing the burden on the product during washing. Ice Blue is a sustainable dyeing method that uses 40% less water and 50% less chemicals. A loose, baggy silhouette.

□SIZE SPEC (cm) [Men's]
[3] Waist 78, total length 104, rise 35, inseam 70, thigh width 34, hem width 21
[4] Waist 82, total length 106, rise 36, inseam 72, thigh width 35, hem width 22

□ Model wearing
161cm 50kg size: 3


*This is a continuing product number from 2023AW (17032 40545), so although some items may have different product numbers, they are the same product.

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