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<2024 Spring/Summer Arrivals>
This is the same product as the one below (available in Spring/Summer 2022), but there are some changes to the specifications.
The 2022 Spring/Summer model can be put on and taken off using hidden snap buttons.

The Spring/Summer 2024 model will no longer have the hidden snap buttons and will only have a belt.

A reimagining of French military sandals.
Made using the McKay method.
The leather sole allows for the entire sole to be replaced several times.
The upper is designed to minimize the amount of skin visible.
The leather surface is buffed to give it a matte finish.
The insole is made of suede for a comfortable feel on your feet.
The adjustable design allows the fitting of the instep to be adjusted in three stages using a buckle.
Because it is made from a single piece of leather, it has the characteristics of a sandal, but is made like a leather shoe, giving it a sharp silhouette that is typical of PHIGVEL.
By narrowing the width of the braid and reducing exposed skin, the look is more shoe-like and elegant.
We recommend wearing them as sandals barefoot in summer, and with socks in spring and autumn.
These shoes go well with denim, suits, and trousers. Comes with an original shoe bag.

[1 (7 1/2)] (US 7.5) 25.5cm Outsole: 27, Width: 10.0
[2 (8 1/2)] (US 8.5) 26.5cm Outsole: 28, Width: 10.5
[3 (9 1/2)] (US 9.5) 27.5cm Outsole: 29, Width: 11.0


As this is a leather product, there may be small scratches and stains that occur during the manufacturing and processing process. Please consider this as the taste and texture of the leather due to the nature of the product. There may be some scratches and stains on the upper and outsole due to trying on or display, but this will not affect the wearability of the product, so please be aware of this before purchasing.
If you have any concerns about the condition of the upper or sole, please contact us before purchasing.
If you are unsure about the size, please try it on in store to make sure it fits.

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