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Paraboot's classic Tyrolean shoe, "MICHAEL".
This model was created in 1945 to celebrate the birth of the grandson of the founder of Paraboot (current chairman).
This is a representative model that spread the name of Paraboot around the world, and it remains highly popular today as a masterpiece of Tyrolean shoes.
The MICHAEL is a modified model based on the original MORZINE.
This pair of shoes is based on the robust Tyrolean shoes designed for walking on the plateaus and mountains of the Tyrol region.
Traditional Tyrolean shoes are dominated by hard specifications with strong mountain and ethnic elements, but by eliminating these elements, MICHAEL has made the shoes easier to match with everyday clothes, which has led to them becoming popular all over the world.
With its excellent durability and comfort, the MICHAEL brand is a popular year-round staple leather shoe that can be worn with a wide range of styles, including everyday casual wear, outdoor styles, modern styles, and more elegant outfits.
Despite its traditional design, it has not undergone any model changes for over 70 years since its birth, making it one of the world's most popular, long-selling models that matches modern styles.

[UK3.5 (23.0cm)]
[UK4 (23.5cm)]
[UK4.5 (24.0cm)]

Material: Upper: Cowhide / Sole: Rubber
Manufacturing method: Norwegian manufacturing method
Country of Origin: France

These shoes are made larger than regular leather shoes. As the leather upper stretches and the insole sinks with wear, we recommend that you choose a size that is a little tight at first, leaving some extra room.

As this is a leather product, there may be small scratches and stains that occur during the manufacturing and processing process. Please consider this as the taste and texture of the leather due to the nature of the product. There may be some dirt on the outsole due to trying on or display, but this will not affect the wearability of the product, so please be aware of this before purchasing.

The Paraboot products we carry are sourced from the official Japanese distributor, RPJ Co., Ltd.

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