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This brand will be launched next spring by a long-established hat company that has been making hats for 120 years since 1895.
"The function of looking good."
American architect Louis Sullivan said:
"Form follows function." Form follows function.
What we aim for is the "function of looking good."
By deriving form from personality, rather than design based on decoration,
We hope to bring about new insights and discoveries.
The brand name "O8 Oace" comes from the idea that a third party can judge the pros and cons of something better than the person involved.
The name comes from the Go term "Hachimoku" (a side view of the opponent).
We will use the know-how we have cultivated over more than 100 years of history to create products that suit a wide range of users.

O/EIGHTH has been making hats for over 100 years, based on our know-how.
This is a hat laboratory that researches and considers what kind of hat suits you.
By classifying the shape of the face and deriving the shape and form of the facial features from the characteristics,
We will create products that fit a wide range of individuals.

Round and square face types. The head circumference is large, making the face appear larger overall.
It is designed to add volume around the head and have a round, wide, stiff brim to cover the overall impression.
A 6-panel cap with a voluminous crown and a rounded, wide brim to suit your face type. 2mm edge stitching on the crown and 3mm 8 stitches on the brim.
The material used is grunge wash cotton, which is dyed and washed over a long period of time in a small dyeing machine, creating a unique color and texture.
The inner sweatband is made of cotton ribs, which provides a soft fit. The inside of the sweatband is linen-filled, which provides water absorption and antibacterial properties.

Head circumference: 58-61
Brim length: 7

Grunge Wash Cotton (100% Cotton)
The fabric is dyed and washed using small, old-fashioned dyeing machines, which require long periods of kneading, resulting in a slightly faded color and a solid texture.

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