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A new model has been added to MARKAWARE's classic HUGE sweat series: flared silhouette sweatpants.
The fabric is made from organic cotton yarn with a natural unevenness, and is knitted slowly and carefully on an old-fashioned circular knitting machine, taking time to give it a firm texture, a dry touch, fine texture, and a resilient, firm organic cotton compact heavy hanging fleece.
The cotton is combed to align the fibers, then lightly twisted, and thin twisted thread is lightly wrapped around it to prevent it from unraveling.The loops on the back are made of untwisted yarn, which gives the fabric a soft, fluffy feel.
The old-fashioned circular knitting machines used to produce the fabric are inefficient machines that can only knit at about 1m per hour, which is about one-tenth the speed of modern sinker knitting machines. However, by knitting a single yarn slowly over time, the knitted fabric falls apart naturally and it is possible to knit without putting tension on the front and back yarns, resulting in a fabric that is fluffy and soft, like something that feels comfortable when worn.
With repeated wearing and washing, the thread will return to cotton, resulting in a softer, fluffier feel and texture.
The hem is left unfinished and finished with a serger to prevent fraying.
Like the HUGE sweatshirt series, the parts that come into contact with the skin are comfortable and pleasant to wear.
When worn, the silhouette is slightly slim up to the knee, and then flares out from below the knee towards the hem.

□SIZE SPEC (cm) [Men's]
[1] Waist 72-84 Length 101 Rise 33 Inseam 72 Thigh width 32 Hem width 26
[2] Waist 76-88 Total length 103 Rise 34 Inseam 74 Thigh width 33 Hem width 27
[3] Waist 80-92 Length 105 Rise 35 Inseam 76 Thigh width 34 Hem width 28

□ Model wearing
161cm 50kg size: 1

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