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□Fablic Traceability | Fabric Traceability
Material name: Heavy all-weather cloth
Material: 100% cotton (organic cotton)
Raw material origin: India
Spinning: Nahar Spinning Mills
Yarn dyeing: Daiwa Intertech
Weaving: Daiwa Intertech
Finishing and processing: Suzuki bleaching and finishing

A short-length blouson with an adapted design based on a fishing jacket.
We use "HEAVY ALL WEATHER CLOTH," a special fabric made from three twisted strands of 80-count organic extra-long staple cotton from India, woven at such a high density that light does not shine through even when held up to the light.
The fabric is woven beyond its limits by modifying the loom, allowing it to retain its shape like a shape-memory material.
Even though it is made of natural fibers, it has high water resistance, so you don't have to worry about it soaking in if it rains a little.
Although the fabric is windproof, it also has the moisture permeability unique to cotton, which means it doesn't get stuffy easily.
The yarn is pre-dyed, so color fading is minimal. It is stiff at first, but it will gradually become softer with repeated wear.
The shoulder design features raglan sleeves so you can wear it without worrying about shoulder width, and the loose width makes the pattern fit a variety of body types.
One of the charms of this jacket is that the voluminous neckline and stiff fabric allow the hood to stand up nicely.
The many pockets make this a functional piece that can be worn conveniently while traveling.
The hem width can be adjusted with elastic, so you can adjust it to fit the silhouette of your pants or prevent wind from entering.
The rounded, voluminous silhouette gives the design a sporty yet modern feel.
When worn, the silhouette is loose, featuring a roomy body width, armholes and moderately dropped shoulders.

[1] Width 64, Length 67, Sleeve Length 85
[2] Width 66, Length 69, Sleeve Length 88
[3] Width 68, Length 71, Sleeve Length 91

□ Model wearing
169cm 57kg size: 1

Outer material: 100% organic cotton (heavy all weather cloth)
Lining: 55% CUPRA, 45% COTTON

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