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STEVE ARVISO Single Money Chain Bracelet #SILVER

STEVE ARVISO Single Money Chain Bracelet #SILVER

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Steve Alviso started making jewelry in 1987. He was very close to the late Harry Morgan, a master of the old style, and is the sole successor to his jewelry style. He kept asking Harry Morgan to teach him how to make jewelry, but he said he wouldn't teach him, but he could watch him make it, and that's how Steve arrived at his current style. Steve's jewelry is simple, with no unnecessary details, to highlight the beauty of the stones. Steve is usually busy taking care of his horses, and is very serious and enthusiastic about everything he does. That straightforward attitude is reflected in his jewelry.

Money chain bracelet by Steve Alviso.
This money chain has been made by the Navajo people for a long time, and is the most traditional single chain type.
It is a very simple design, with no commercially available parts used, and all the fittings are made by bending silver wire rings.
The longer you leave it on with a mirror polish, the more character it will have.
This is jewelry for adults who are knowledgeable about history, offering a glimpse into the good old days of Navajo life.

Length: 21cm (including hook), Width: Approx. 6mm

Sterling Silver
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