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STEVE ARVISO Heavy Cable Wire Ring #SILVER

STEVE ARVISO Heavy Cable Wire Ring #SILVER

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Steve Alviso started making jewelry in 1987.
He was very close to the late Harry Morgan, a master of the old style, and is the sole successor to his jewelry style.
When Steve kept asking Harry Morgan to teach him how to make jewelry, he said he wouldn't teach him, but he could watch him make it, and that's how Steve arrived at his current style.
Steve's jewelry is simple and free of unnecessary details to highlight the beauty of the stone.
Steve is usually busy taking care of the horses, and is very serious and enthusiastic about everything he does.
This straightforward attitude is also reflected in her jewelry.

Steve Alviso wirework ring.
Steve himself has combined twisted cable wire with square wire to create a heavy, voluminous cable ring.
It is sleek and classic, creating a strong and reliable look for your hands.

[18.5] 18.5 size [21] 21 size

Sterling Silver
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