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A casual plain toe with a moderate toe tip that has been designed to be as minimal as possible.
With its unique silhouette, "THE SHOES" is a timeless shoe that can be paired with any outfit.
A versatile plain-toe shoe that adds a chic touch to casual styles.

They are designed by a dedicated wooden modeller to suit the characteristics of Japanese feet.
The curved rolling design of the wooden last makes it easy to wear for long periods of time without getting tired, and it is characterized by its excellent fit to the foot.
The upper leather is made of high-quality French calfskin with a smooth surface, and the outsole is made of a British-made Dainite sole, which is highly durable and slip-resistant, making it suitable for everyday wear as well as for wearing on rainy days.
Because it is made using the Goodyear welted method, you can enjoy it for a long time with proper maintenance.

□SIZE SPEC (cm) [Men's]
[UK6 (24.5cm-25.0cm)]
[UK6.5 (25.0cm-25.5cm)]
[UK7 (25.5cm-26.0cm)]
[UK7.5 (26.0cm-26.5cm)]
[UK8 (26.5cm-27.0cm)]

Upper: French calfskin Sole: Dainite sole (made by HARBORO RUBBER, UK)
Last: bb03

As this is a leather product, there may be minor scratches and stains that occur during the processing and production process.
Please consider this to be the nature of the product and the flavor and texture of the leather.
Due to trying on or display, there may be some scratches or dirt on the upper and outsole, but this will not affect the wearability of the product, so please be aware of this before purchasing.
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