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A standard button-down shirt, a staple item of SH .
The fabric uses a rough weft thread with a slightly nepped texture, creating a different color of chambray that further emphasizes the blue of the weft thread.
A modified oxford fabric with white warp and weft threads in place of blue weft threads.
Normally, fabric called chambray is made with a colored warp thread (such as blue) and a white weft thread, but SH fabric is made with a blue weft thread, the opposite of the usual.
One of the charms of this fabric is its different color and texture compared to regular chambray.
Another attractive feature is how it changes over time; when washed, it will become strongly wrinkled, but with repeated washing and wearing, it will settle into a natural wrinkled look and you can even expect it to pucker.
The fabric can be lightly steamed when putting on, but we also recommend wearing it as it is with the wrinkles from washing.
The overall silhouette when worn is standard, so you can wear it in your exact size, or size up for a slightly looser fit, allowing you to choose the silhouette you prefer.

□SIZE SPEC (cm) [Men's]
[M] Shoulder width 47, Body width 58, Length 75, Sleeve length 62
[L] Shoulder width 49, Body width 60, Length 78, Sleeve length 64

□ Model wearing
161cm 50kg size: M

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