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Grandad Collar Stripe Shirt #Navy Stripe [6041-1102]

Grandad Collar Stripe Shirt #Navy Stripe [6041-1102]

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A band collar striped shirt that reconstructs British tradition in the Caledoor style.
The design is based on the British Army shirts of the 1960s, and features a slightly longer length that evokes the mood of that time.
This shirt has a classic British feel, with Caledoor's ease of movement added, and has a delicate silhouette that can be worn in city scenes as well.

The shirts are carefully sewn by skilled craftsmen using 100% cotton "fluffy interlining" to allow for a little freedom of movement, rather than "fusible interlining" which leaves the shirt slightly stiff.
In addition, to improve durability in the armhole area, which is subject to stress, we use a time-consuming sewing technique called “hon-rolled hem”, which is seen on high-end dress shirts.
If you look closely you can see the smooth stitching done by artisans, which not only increases the durability needed for rambling, but also gives the garment an air of elegance perfect for city wear.
The details are also outstanding, with expert sewing and delicate stitching, and the result is a shirt that looks ordinary at first glance but is actually incredible, thanks to the accumulation of meticulous artisanal techniques that are reminiscent of the world of Japanese cuisine.

The fabric used is Albini's 100% French linen, the highest quality.
After the tough flax stalks are pulled from the ground, they are soaked in water for two to three weeks to allow for natural deterioration.
This process softens the fibers, which are then beaten and loosened before being hand-selected to use the highest quality French linen.
This shirt has the luster that is unique to Albini's French linen, and while it has a unique unevenness and natural texture, it is also soft to the touch and comfortable to wear, making it an attractive choice for its elegance and comfort.

□SIZE SPEC (cm) [Men's]
[S] Shoulder width 45, Body width 54, Length 75, Sleeve length 61
[M] Shoulder width 47, Body width 56, Length 77, Sleeve length 63
[L] Shoulder width 49, Body width 58, Length 79, Sleeve length 65

□ Model wearing
161cm 50kg size: S

100% LINEN
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