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A compact 4-way bag with plenty of storage space.
It can be used in 4 ways: as a shoulder bag, chest bag, waist pouch, or just a pouch.
Thanks to the clever use of straps and other features, it is compact yet can be used in four different ways.
Chest bags have been used as military items because they make it easy to take things in and out of the front of your body while walking.
If you use it as a pouch on its own, it's sized to be used as a bag-in-bag.
Although it is compact, it is large enough to hold a tumbler, wallet, and folding umbrella, and there are pockets on the sides and back large enough to hold gadgets, making it the perfect bag for rambling, as it can hold a variety of items, both large and small.
The storage section has an adjustable cord at the opening, making it easy to remove and the perfect size for storing a plastic bottle for hydration.
The material is wrinkled nylon that has been salt-shrunk. It uses Taslan-processed yarn, giving it a cotton-like texture.
The salt-shrinking process increases the density of the fabric, making it both strong and lightweight, making it an easy-to-use bag for outdoor use.

Height: 17
Width: 20
Depth: 6
Shoulder strap: Approx. 73-103
Waist strap: Approx. 58-96

100% nylon

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