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<ALL SEASONS>Long Ramble
High-performance merino wool with a solid design that can be worn as a base layer or on its own.
We use carefully selected high-quality merino wool that is highly insulating, stain-resistant, odor-resistant, and antibacterial.
The silhouette and size are designed to be worn as a base layer.
Furthermore, the solid design of the milling and ribbing means that it can be worn neatly as a base layer without showing through your outerwear.
As the neck is not ribbed, it doesn't look too casual and the collar is clean, making it an item that gives off a sense of solid simplicity whether worn with a shirt or on its own.
Merino wool is resistant to bacteria, is less likely to become sweaty or retain odors, and helps regulate the moisture between your body and the merino wool.
This is a natural, highly functional material that can effectively handle temperature changes between morning and evening, as well as regulating body temperature when using air conditioning in the summer.
This item has a scale-off process (a process that removes the scales that are similar to human hair) applied to the surface of the merino wool, giving it a soft, natural feel.
The scale-off process makes the material washable at home.

[S] Shoulder width 52, Body width 54, Length 66, Sleeve length 23
[M] Shoulder width 54, Body width 56, Length 68, Sleeve length 24
[L] Shoulder width 56, Body width 58, Length 70, Sleeve length 25
[XL] Shoulder width 58, Body width 60, Length 72, Sleeve length 26

□ Model wearing
161cm 50kg size: S
172cm 55kg size: L

100% wool

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