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DRESS / BS063 #Black [BS063089]

DRESS / BS063 #Black [BS063089]

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BLUND STONE's "DRESS BOOTS" have a square toe.
It gives a more elegant impression than round toes and creates a more subdued style.
Highly elastic side gore on both sides of the boot.
Not only are they easy to put on and take off, but the rubber accommodates a variety of movements, making them more flexible than you'd expect from leather boots.
The high-performance cushioning material used in the heel area effectively absorbs shock.
You can move your toes freely, allowing you to walk comfortably.
The outsole features an original sole pattern and is made of thermo urethane material (TPU material), making it highly durable.
The sole is made using an injection process in which heated material is poured into a mold and bonded to the upper.
Since there are no seams, water is less likely to seep in through the soles, and the high grip allows for stable walking.
Pull straps with the brand name are attached to the front and back of the opening.
It can be easily put on and taken off with one hand by simply putting your finger through it, and it can also be used as an accent for your outfit as an iconic symbol of Blundstone boots.

Blundstone was founded in 1870 in Tasmania, Australia, a vast natural environment.
These shoes are designed to withstand the tough natural environment and hard work of daily life, and have long supported the feet of Tasmanian residents.
Now, more than 150 years after its founding, Blundstone has grown into a global shoe brand across the ocean.

[6 (25.0 cm)] Outsole: approx. 28.5, width: 10.5
[7 (25.5-26.0 cm)] Outsole: approx. 29.0, width: 10.5
[8 (26.5 cm)] Outsole: approx. 30.0, width: 11.0
[9 (27.0-27.5 cm)] Outsole: approx. 31.0, width: 11.0
[10 (28.0-28.5 cm)] Outsole: approx. 31.5, width: 11.5

Upper: Smooth leather
Outsole: TPU

Country of Origin: Vietnam

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