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Sunburst Print Tee WIDE #White [bROOTS24S34SONIC4]

Sunburst Print Tee WIDE #White [bROOTS24S34SONIC4]

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It uses a high-gauge knitted jersey fabric made from thick yarn.
After printing, the fabric is washed multiple times to give it a soft, comfortable texture.
*Due to the nature of the print, there will always be individual differences in the degree of rubbing and color shades.
*Since the product is washed, some skewing (twisting) may occur.

□SIZE SPEC (cm) [Men's]
[2] Shoulder width 50, Body width 63, Length 70, Sleeve length 26
[3] Shoulder width 52, Body width 65, Length 72, Sleeve length 27
[4] Shoulder width 54, Body width 67, Length 74, Sleeve length 28

Please see the product page below for an image of how it will look when worn.
diRty Print Tee WIDE #White [bROOTS24S34SONIC7]

100% COTO

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