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Echo Print Tee WIDE #White [bROOTS24S34SONIC1]

Echo Print Tee WIDE #White [bROOTS24S34SONIC1]

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It uses a high-gauge knitted jersey fabric made from thick yarn.
After printing, the fabric is washed multiple times to give it a soft, comfortable texture.
*Due to the nature of the print, there will always be individual differences in the degree of rubbing and color shades.
*Since the product is washed, some skewing (twisting) may occur.

□SIZE SPEC (cm) [Men's]
[2] Shoulder width 50, Body width 63, Length 70, Sleeve length 26
[3] Shoulder width 52, Body width 65, Length 72, Sleeve length 27
[4] Shoulder width 54, Body width 67, Length 74, Sleeve length 28

Please see the product page below for an image of how it looks when worn.
diRty Print Tee WIDE #White [bROOTS24S34SONIC7]

100% COTO

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