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13.5oz Denim Pants Narrow #Indigo [bROOTS24S8]

13.5oz Denim Pants Narrow #Indigo [bROOTS24S8]

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Slim straight silhouette.
In order to maintain the silhouette, we have adjusted the pants to give as much room as possible around the hips while still creating a neat hip line.
The number of threads and the type of yarn are carefully selected to create a natural uneven texture, fuzziness, and beautiful, natural color fading.
It has been washed and finished slightly stiff so that it gradually softens and becomes more comfortable.
Sizes may vary slightly, but there will be very little shrinkage from normal washing.

□SIZE SPEC (cm) [Men's]
[1] Waist 72 Total length 101 Rise 31 Inseam 71 Thigh width 29 Hem width 22
[2] Waist 76, total length 102, rise 32, inseam 73, thigh width 30, hem width 22
[3] Waist 82 Total length 103 Rise 33 Inseam 75 Thigh width 31 Hem width 23

□ Model wearing
161cm 50kg size: 1

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