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PRINT Sweat Crew-neck P/O Big #HeatherWhite×IT-M [bROOTS23F26P]

PRINT Sweat Crew-neck P/O Big #HeatherWhite×IT-M [bROOTS23F26P]

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The back loops are made of untwisted yarn for a soft feel, while the surface is tightly woven to reduce fuzz and give it a glossy finish, giving the sweatshirt fabric a hard texture.
It has strong elasticity and maintains a beautiful silhouette.
It is a material that combines both low stretch and knitted for maximum comfort when worn.
The items have been washed, so although there may be slight individual differences in size, there will be almost no shrinkage.

The printed part is made to fade more easily than regular prints in order to give it a vintage feel .
The color will fade with repeated washing . Also, please be careful of color transfer when washing.

□SIZE SPEC (cm) [Men's]
[2] Shoulder width 58, Body width 68, Length 70, Sleeve length 56
[3] Shoulder width 60, Body width 70, Length 72, Sleeve length 58

□ Model wearing
161cm 50kg size: 2


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