2023AW新規取り扱いブランド #6

New brands for AW2023 #6

Hello, this is Fujii from Diffusion.

The last new brand of the season has finally arrived.
I was looking forward to getting this brand.
The reason is that although the brand itself no longer exists, I still love Phlannel and wear it often .
This is because the designer has just started this brand.
This may seem like a very simple reason, but Phlannel has an indescribable soft feel that other brands don't have, and I really like the materials they use and the silhouettes.
When I heard that a new brand was being launched as a sequel to that brand, I thought, "We have no choice but to carry it!" That's what got me started.
Among them, I especially like yak wool knits, and I get excited just thinking about being able to see those yak wool knits again.

This season, which marks the launch of the brand, is focused on knitwear, and although they arrived a little late, they are the perfect items for the coming season.
Now, let us introduce to you the sixth new brand that we are handling, which we feel very attached to.



It's not a special day, it's just the usual days
What kind of clothes do you suddenly want to pick up in your daily life?

Clothes that comfortably embrace the wearer and stay close to them, nurturing them throughout their days.
It's not flashy, but it's strong, high-quality, and elegant.
Clothes that let you look your best and relax, and that allow you to hold your casual moments in your arms, carefully stacked together and recorded.


The first season will feature only 12 styles, mainly knitwear.
From these, we have selected three types.
Of course I took the yak wool.
Yak wool cardigan with turtleneck.
The other style is a simple crew neck knit with an indescribable color and some distinctive features.
I'm confident that if you love Phlannel as much as I do, you'll love this.
Please come to the store and pick it up and touch it.

We hope you will continue to support "Nikki ESSENTIAL PIECES".


We have introduced new brands over six posts. Sorry for the long list.
This season, we were looking for something fresh, and while considering new brands to carry, we ended up with six brands.
However, I only stock brands that I think are good, so I would be happy if you could take a look.


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