About International Transportation

1. If you are visiting a site from a country/region other than Japan, the "WorldShopping Cart" will automatically be displayed at the bottom of the page.

2. Add the items you like to your shopping cart.
Click on the "WorldShopping" banner under "Add to Cart" and only products available in your country will be added to your cart, allowing you to continue buying your favorite products.

→ Explore World Shopping Guide to find out more.

About Cost

WorldShopping will charge 10% of the "total product price" as a service fee.
Once we have delivered your product to WorldShopping, you will receive another invoice from WorldShopping.
Includes international shipping fees, handling fees and other fees (if applicable).
For more information please see WorldShopping fees.

*Total product price = (product price + domestic shipping fee in Japan)

About Payment

>About overseas shippingYou can entrust WorldShopping to help you purchase products and have them shipped to you.
WorldShopping allows you to purchase Japanese products and have them delivered to anywhere in the world.

→ Learn more about how WorldShopping can help you complete purchasing and delivery services.

Needle International Guesthouse

WorldShopping will not accept any changes to your order after you have placed it, such as cancelling your order or refunding your purchase.
Please make sure you have read and understood this completely and check all product details carefully before proceeding.

If you want to know more details, please click here. WorldShopping Help

For inquiries

As a general rule, we only provide Japanese consultation.
We are very sorry, but we cannot understand if you cannot understand your inquiry in other languages.
You can try the following methods to get connected with WorldShopping:

*English: WorldShopping Contact

*Simplified Chinese: WorldShopping Contact

*Traditional Chinese: WorldShopping Contact

*Korean:WorldShopping Contact

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